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Eric is extremely talented and passionate about writing job descriptions that “don’t suck”. And also how to tie in metrics and accountability.

Compelling Job Descriptions tell an employee why their job exists, how it is important, and what their role is in the larger scope of the company. Unfortunately most job descriptions communicate that their job is a boring list of tasks that are disconnected from the overall vision of the company. Considering that many times job descriptions are also used in advertising jobs it is important that the job description reflects a level of engagement that you want from your employees.

When people have a clear understanding of what success looks like and how they can work towards success the results can be amazing. Rogue Lane can help you discover Metrics for individuals, teams and company success that will be motivating for your employees and get them focused on the things that are key to the company's success.

Business can be confusing. There can be many different things happening in the company every day that can be difficult for employees to connect to the whole. Diagraming big picture business flows can help the entire company connect individual tasks into the whole of what the company does to generate profit. When employees have a roadmap for how the various channels of the business operate it allows them to follow that map in more efficient ways. Business flow diagrams can also be a great foundation for evaluating employee workload and developing processes to make that workflow more efficient.

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When companies are small, everyone pitches in on what needs to get done. As companies grow the lack of consistency and documented processes puts a weight on the company. Process Creation & Documentation that fits your specific company's culture, goals and vision can ensure quality, job satisfaction and position you for the next stage of growth. Rogue Lane is focused not only on helping executives to create & document processes but to develop systems around them that will allow them to be followed and updated as needed instead of sitting on a shelf or server and forgotten.

Any company that has been around for a while can end up with a mishmash of positions and responsibilities that are more based on history than where the company wants to head in the future. Rogue Lane can help evaluate responsibilities and develop a Company Organizational structure to help move towards an organization that is poised for success. Whether starting a new division or performing minor tweaks to responsibilities  Rogue Lane can partner with you in a process of discovery & adjustment that will position you for the future.

If you have a specific need or are looking for help putting the pieces together feel free reach out to us today to set up an initial free consultation. Visit our blog to gain a view of our perspective on the world.