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Eric, he is absolutely amazing and he is doing an amazing job in helping us navigate the waters in this great game of business.
Thank you for telling us your personal story today in our meeting. It was powerful and really showed you believe in what you’re teaching us, even when it’s difficult. I’m glad that I got the chance to hear the story and that our group made you comfortable enough to share.
Thank you for all your helpful insight and advice. I read the article and you are right on point with the importance of connecting with a much deeper meaning, passion, purpose of your company and reason for its existence.
I’d absolutely love to continue consulting with you, you bring a ton of value to the team and fantastic insight. And, it’s super helpful, on days like tomorrow, where we can keep the momentum going when I’m not in the office. Thanks for all that you do!!
It’s amazing to have someone like Eric on your side, someone who has been through just about everything before and can help you stay on track. He’s also a great member of the team because his friendly and professional style allows him to work well with anyone, while his sharp and insightful mind allows him to think on his feet and quickly respond to whatever comes up.
Eric is coaching me to not be just an answer-giver, but to promote individual ideas and solutions instead.
In the areas of CEO Tasks and Metrics. Eric is helping me understand where I currently spend my time, where I could spend my time, and where I SHOULD spend my time.
Why is Eric’s report and actionable next steps worth our time? This is why: Every single item from the list above will result in connecting effort with results and success—increasing profits when executed fully.
Eric brings a lot of experience to the table. He knows Product Strategy, he knows Marketing Strategy, and how to tie the two together. He is asking intelligent questions and helping formulate a solid strategy for growth.
Eric is extremely talented and passionate about writing job descriptions that “don’t suck”. And also how to tie in metrics and accountability.