Every successful business person gets to the point where they realize that they need help and insight from the outside. Whether for a specific project or on a regular monthly schedule, we’re here to help. In a time when it is essential for companies to be both able to handle every opportunity that comes their way but to also stay lean, it can be a big help to have high level resources available to you without all the expense that comes with full time positions. “Help” can look like many different things; from a few hours a month for coaching key executives to a contract for a certain number of hours to be available for the questions and opportunities that come along. The goal with Rogue Lane is to always lighten your load, and to accomplish more in less time. Let us take the time evaluate your current processes, branding, communication, marketing, or do research about competitors, or exploring opportunities for the future. Rogue Lane Consulting offers a number of different options for engagement.

If you are looking for a quick thought on something you are working on, we're Someone to Call. If you can benefit from a longer term contracted relationship we're Someone to Help and if you are looking for a more comprehensive relationship we can be Someone on Your Side.