Consider us a part of your team!

When you need someone to help you get to the next level, break into that new market, figure out how to deal with the latest opportunity that dropped in your lap, we contract with a small number of companies to be there for what they need.

Think of us as that active board member you wish you had to help with strategy, perspective, developing your company culture, team development or anything else that is important to you. Us, on your side, means that we’re going to give you all the information we can to help you be successful. Your company will be at the front of our minds. Your opportunities will be the ones that we roll over in our heads, when that idea comes to us in the shower, we’ll give you a call (yes, that really does happen). When we interact with people in the industry, your company will be one of the first we mention. What“us on your side” looks like will vary from company to company, we’re excited to discuss what it might look like for you.

Rogue Lane Consulting offers a number of different options for engagement. If you are looking for a quick thought on something you are working on, we're Someone to Call. If you can benefit from a longer term contracted relationship we're Someone to Help and if you are looking for a more comprehensive relationship we can be Someone on Your Side.