Rogue Lane has a unique set of skills and experience that allow us to quickly see and understand how your products will be received by the market. Few people in the world have this breadth of experience in consumer electronics. Having had personal hands on experience with hundreds of retailers, about 500 vendors and thousands of products both in the Apple markets and the wider consumer electronics market we are able to see the nuanced factors that separate average products from good products and great products from amazing products. Our experience can be valuable in evaluating current products, exploring new products and providing insight into developing your product line.

Areas where we can help with your product strategy include Product Positioning, Design, Development, Packaging, Pricing Strategy, Quality Evaluation, Distribution Strategy, Inventory Management, Marketing, Life Cycle Strategy, Future Roadmaps and more.

If you needs are broader than product specific and you are looking for assistance more related to business strategy, processes and operations please talk to us about help by being your Trusted Advisor.

If you are looking for a quick thought on something you are working on, we're Someone to Call. If you can benefit from a longer term contracted relationship we're Someone to Help and if you are looking for a more comprehensive relationship we can be Someone on Your Side.