Partnering with Executives to Create Tools for Success

I’d absolutely love to continue consulting with you, you bring a ton of value to the team and fantastic insight. And, it’s super helpful, on days like tomorrow, where we can keep the momentum going when I’m not in the office. Thanks for all that you do!!

Let's face it, emotions about the lack of documentation, processes, org charts, and job descriptions is a weight that most executives carry. Nearly every executive I talk to feels guilt, frustration or helplessness when it comes to creating the documentation that they feel they should have in place to run their business. We have all tried a long list of things to get documentation in place and for most of us our best efforts have resulted in some things that are minimally useful. We get frustrated with people who we have tasked with creating these things.

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Rogue Lane follows a process of exploration with executives to Discover the areas of most significant opportunity in their company. Sometimes clients have specific solutions they are wanting to implement and other times they are looking for an outside perspective on the challenges they are facing and the best tools to put in place to address those opportunities for change.

After discovery Rogue Lane provides a written Report with recommendations for tools that can be developed to address the unique challenges and opportunities of the company. One aspect of the way that Rogue Lane works is that our focus is on unlocking the hidden strengths of a company and leveraging those for future success. While a report from Rogue Lane will inevitably include candid communication about any issues, the focus is always on communicating the foundational strengths of a company and using those as the primary building blocks for any recomended solutions.

Once the report has been completed we meet with the Executive(s) to discuss potential projects based on the report and to Prioritize their implementation.

Implementing the recommendations in the report can take any number of approaches. Depending on the scope of the engagement it could be as small as a single deliverable to fill a specific need or a larger engagement might include management team training, research into job responsibilities, strategy sessions with executives, employee evaluation, and process creation & documentation.

If you have a specific need or are looking for help putting the pieces together feel free reach out to us today to set up an initial free consultation. Visit our blog to gain a view of our perspective on the world.