Rogue Lane Consulting exists to help growth minded companies accomplish their goals through business and product strategy.

Smart executives surround themselves with people who can fill in gaps in their skill and experience. They value people who can listen, challenge, ask questions and speak frankly about what is working well and where there are opportunities for growth.

Products are the sum of many different disciplines. It can be difficult to to obtain high level perspective when you are focused on so many details. Rogue Lane can help with advice on specifics such as Product Positioning, Design, Development, Packaging, Pricing Strategy, Quality Evaluation, Distribution Strategy, Inventory Management, Marketing, Life Cycle Strategy, Future Roadmaps and more...

There are multiple ways to work with Rogue Lane.

Someone to Call Need thoughts, perspective, some quick advice? Give us a call.

Someone to Help Every successful business person gets to the point where they realize that they need help and insight from the outside. Whether for a specific project, ongoing perspective or executive coaching.

Someone on Your Side Consider us a part of your team! When you need someone to help you get to the next level, break into that new market, figure out how to deal with the latest opportunity that dropped in your lap, we contract with a small number of companies to be there for what they need.