Where the Big Picture meets the Nitty Gritty

Strategy without implementation is worthless. Tactics disconnected from an overall understanding of a company’s goals, culture, history & identity are not effective in the long term.

Rogue Lane has a unique ability to see the possibilities in the future. We are fascinated by ideas. Faced with any given scenario, we quickly spot the relevant patterns and opportunities, creating multiple possible solutions and working with executives to find the one that will best accomplish their goals.

We are students of human nature. The most well laid plans will never get off the ground if they don’t have at their core an understanding of how the people involved will respond and what will motivate them to follow it through to the end.

Every company is unique. Many consultants are either tightly focused on specific pet areas or on wide broad based etherial ideas that rarely make a difference in the daily functioning of the company. 

Rogue Lane is passionate about understanding individual businesses at a deep level, listening to the goals and passions of the key players, understanding what they are skilled at (or at least have fun doing) and helping to unlock the amazing things often hidden just below the surface.

We are uniquely skilled in being able to make connections between various aspects of a business to reveal a vision of where those things could take a company in the future. The idea of helping companies along the path that is specific to their unique strengths, passions and goals is the inspiration behind the name Rogue Lane.

Rogue Lane is special in the fact that we are able to help with "C-Level" strategy & perspective and also the blocking & tackling tactics of daily business operations & business. Seeing a new priority or strategy implemented by a company's executives can make as much a difference in a company's success as implementing processes that will allow that company to function smoothly and its employees to be effective.

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