In the areas of CEO Tasks and Metrics. Eric is helping me understand where I currently spend my time, where I could spend my time, and where I SHOULD spend my time.

Entrepreneurs are amazing. They create something where there wasn't something before. They do difficult things for fun. Most of the time, when they start they don't know if they have what it takes to finish. Entrepreneurship and leading companies is a high calling and executives are often counted upon to make decisions in wide areas of responsibility across countless disciplines.

While it is common for managers and supervisors to recommend training & coaching for employees who can benefit from expanding their knowledge & skills, many executives resist investing in things that will help them be more effective in their job. If an employee could increase their performance by even 10% it is usually an easy decision to invest in their upgrading or enhancing their performance.

The very interesting thing about CEOs and other key executives is that the potential they have to impact their companies is much deeper than just their performance. If a CEO is able to enhance their performance they have the ability to affect the motivation, performance and job satisfaction of the entire company. In even small companies CEOs have the ability to make changes that can impact everyone in the company. If a CEO or key executive is able to even upgrade the performance of a company by 5 or 10 percent, that adds up to thousands of hours a year in work time, potentially significant financial results and perhaps most importantly significant changes to how an executive feels in their skin on a daily basis. 

Executive coaching with Rouge Lane is designed to focus on the most important issues facing the executive and through a process of defining the issue's significance, background, value, potential outcomes and possible solutions.

Coaching is usually in the context of a 2 hour meeting happening at monthly or bi-monthly and an hour phone conference. Topics of discussion are unlimited. Most sessions start with a focus on business tactics, product strategy and other strictly business focused issues. It is also common to tackle softer issues that face every executive related to employees, management team, company culture, hiring & firing, family issues, personal goals, planning, etc. Rogue Lane is happy to help tackle issues of any type and size and understands that all business issues have elements that are personal. (Anything that has a person involved has "personal" elements to it.)

The results of coaching sessions are time and action plans, accountability in key areas, enhanced understanding and perspective and an ability to move forward in areas where executives have previously been confused or stuck.

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