Business owners, entrepreneurs and executives are a rare breed. They are the kind of people that enjoy challenges, create things by sheer will and do difficult things for fun. It's a difficult job that requires a diverse set of skills. Many executives find themselves in their positions not because they had a dream to run a company but rather because they followed a path that lead them to where they are. Few executives have all the required skills and experience to feel like experts in their job. Really smart ones surround themselves with people who can both fill in gaps in skill and experience and also people who can challenge, ask questions and speak frankly about what is working well and where there are opportunities for growth.

Unfortunately it is difficult for growing companies to find and afford the caliber of people who can play this role for executives. Rogue Lane Consulting fills this role for companies as a Trusted Advisor. It can either be in the form of simply having us available if something comes up or a more consistent contracted relationship.

We're eager to help businesses who strive for greatness in areas such as executive coaching, helping to define and drive company culture, overall business strategy, crisis management, develop & document business processes, employee development, or anything that relates to helping executives be and feel successful.

If you are looking for a quick thought on something that comes up, we're Someone to Call. If you can benefit from a longer term contracted relationship we're Someone to Help and if you are looking for a more comprehensive relationship we can be Someone on Your Side.