Eric Prentice is the CEO of Rogue Lane Consulting. His broad range of experience and skills allow him to quickly see opportunities and identify a path to make that opportunity reality. Eric is inspired by what is possible in the future and has the strategic mind that allows him to help that future happen. Eric likes to win and help those he has the opportunity to work with see their own success. He is fascinated by ideas and is motivated by any chance to help make the world a better place through helping turn good things into amazing ones.

His passion has always been two-fold, he is focused on products & technology being as excellent as possible and also helping the communities of people who create them to find excellence. Eric's focus has always been around teaching, training and developing people. Eric's focus is in partnering with executives to develop tools that will drive their personal satisfaction and their company's success.

Eric’s unique experience is a big part of what makes him able to see things that others will miss or ignore. Eric grew up in Cupertino California (the city of Apple’s headquarters) in the 1980s which gives him a unique perspective having been at the center of the personal computer revolution as it was happening.

Eric’s work experience includes a consumer electronics distributor, tech support specialist, computer consultant, graphic designer, work with youth, and quality assurance engineer for a software company. Eric is also very passionate about the soft skills that are required in business and believes that everything deserves an upgrade whether it is the latest computers, accessories or the companies or people create them.

Eric was an owner and the CEO of Dr. Bott LLC, a business he created in the basement of the apartment he and his young family lived in and grew it to close to a 40 Million dollar business with over 60 employees. Under Eric’s leadership Dr. Bott LLC became one of 3 distributors who worked with Apple’s online and retail stores, was one of the first companies to help create the “iPod ecosystem” and worked with Apple on multiple projects over their 15 years in business. Eric worked with about 500 vendors and evaluated thousands of products. Few people in the world have the depth of insight into consumer electronics product and accessory related pursuits including product design, packaging, marketing, pricing strategies and product life cycle management. Eric also worked with retailers of all types and sizes from the largest to the smallest and has a clear understanding of what they require in successful products.

Eric's time at Dr. Bott, LLC began with him a solo entrepreneur with minimal capital and experienced building a company from scratch. Over the years Eric built a brand, company structure and operational processes to drive the growing business.

Eric was also a member of a CEO organization for 6 years and had the benefit of monthly meetings that included compelling speakers about many types of business topics, processing important business issues with fellow CEOs and monthly coaching sessions.

Eric remains a student of business, technology and life actively staying abreast of the latest products, technology and business strategies. Eric lives in Wilsonville, Oregon with his wife of 25 years and has 3 adult children.

Rogue Lane Consulting and works with companies at all stages and development with knowledge, experience and strategy.

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